This website is a visual catalog of recent work by Tony Archie Kim.

A couple definitions:

Photo Series are collections of photographs taken while doing something meaningful in my life.

“Plaster Love” is a short series of sculptural love letter’s dedicated to a multi-year obsession with casting plaster – yielding a series of sculptures, solo exhibitions, site specific installations, artist residency, & musical show.

“Deconstructing Homes” is a series of Art Installations constructed in soon-to-be demolished homes in Seattle. They started as Architectural Dissections and developed into pop-up galleries, creative interventions, & exercises in urban placemaking.

‘Installations’ are uncurated projects I am proud to have worked on.

‘Info’ has some generic information about me. I have a dog.

‘Work’ is a website for my professional works – ALT240. I started using that moniker in 2012 as an organizational tag. The name references ALT codes used to access special characters on keyboards. Holding ALT + 240 reveals the following symbol: ≡. While the symbol represents many important ideas, It also serendipitously graces my wrist. A Story unfolds.