Tony Archie Kim

I like lines.
I heart spaces.
I make Sculptures.
I am generally contradiction.
I believe in art that instigates delight and/or discomfort.
I know what makes things great is irresponsibility and mindfulness.
I think there are a couple forever things, but everything else is temporary.
I climb rocks … and your heart.

I am a spatially-minded artist, with a focus in site specific installations & photography.

So, I accidentally deleted a couple databases that were housed – which means I have to rebuild the catalog of my work and recent projects. It should be done by mid May 2017, but … y’know.. life.

Cheers to being imperfect. I'll see you soon!

For professional looking work, visit – my creative work website.

For older works or curiousity, check out my archive.

To contact me, think hard, find some images, and email

For current news & social whatever, check out my instagram at tony.archie


I love you and miss you.

Please don’t miss me too much.